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LakeSmart is an award winning community outreach program unique to our area. It is designed to offer information to shoreline residents and anyone who enjoys the lakes and environment on ways that they can “live and play green" at the lake.

So What's It All About?

LakeSmart is an award winning environmental outreach program unique to our area. It is delivered by a team of post secondary students, each with an environmental education focus, who will spend the summer sharing information on ways that we can live and play green at the lake. The LakeSmart team is equipped with knowledge and resources on a broad range of topics including creating and maintaining shoreline buffer zones, reducing run-off, septic systems, using eco-friendly cleaning products, preventing the spread of invasive species, safe boating, and more.

LakeSmart and COVID 19

Summer 2022 faces limitations due to COVID-19, but the pandemic has allowed us to get creative and adapt our program and activities to new and exciting outreach opportunities. 

Typically top priority for the LakeSmart team is getting out on the water in the LakeSmart boat generously supplied by Woodlake Marine. However, concern for the safety of the LakeSmart team and LOWDSA members and physical distancing protocols means this may be delayed for the early part of the summer. It also means that most events and activities that the LakeSmart team attend have been cancelled. 

New This Year!

LakeSmart 2022 will indeed be different, but it will still be very familiar, and in some ways, even bigger and better:

  • Our team is growing! This year we added a 4th LakeSmart team member, and:
  • New position of an Environment Program Coordinator overseeing the program
  • Program extended (again!) and starting earlier – May 3 – September 3
  • Going virtual in a big way including ZOOM ‘dock’ visits (individual or group)
  • Introducing virtual events and activities – webinars, videos, ZOOM activities, and more resource development
  • Social media, more virtual resources there!
  • New research projects

The team may  be spending just part of their summer travelling the lakes and roads of the area, but they will also be very busy sharing practical knowledge about what we can each do to contribute to a healthier lake ecosystem and spreading the word about being more sustainable in our stewardship of land and water... virtually!

Dock visits are still happening this summer - both in person and virtually and can be booked FREE for individuals or groups.

Your LakeSmart team is going to be out and about and will also be working virtually. Either way  they are looking forward to a busy summer connecting with LOWDSA members and friends in familiar and new ways.


Book a LakeSmart Dock Visit - in person or virtually  by ZOOM 

Interested in learning more about living green at the lake, healthy shorelines, invasive species, sustainable lake living ......?  Questions you'd like answered? Book your LakeSmart dock visit  - in person or virtually by ZOOM - for your self or a group of almost any size. Although our typical dock visits made in person are limited to a certain geographic area, there are no such limits on the virtual 'dock' visits. Thanks to ZOOM technology we can go anywhere. We collaborate with other cottage associations for group learning opportunities to help you with specific concerns like purple loosestrife or flowering rush.

Email us: Fill out the questions in this email form to help us make it the most beneficial experience for your visit. The more information you provide, the better. 











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Ask Us About...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does vinegar kill germs?

How long does it take for items to break down in compost?

What is the soapy-like white froth washing up on our beach this spring?

What measures are being taken to ensure that invasive species (like zebra mussels) do not contaminate Lake of the Woods?

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Grow Me Instead

The Grow Me Instead program is a provincial initiative by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council which aims to promote native or non-invasive garden plants, and to educate gardeners on potentially invasive garden species.

Invasive Yellow Iris and safe alternative Blue Flag Iris

Invasive Himalayan Balsam and safe alternative Jewelweed

Invasive European Frog Bit and safe alternative Yellow Pond Lily

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Look for the LakeSmart Team

Your LakeSmart team is looking forward to a busy summer travelling the lakes and roads of the area, and we are hoping you will add an invitation to your lake or association event to the schedule.  You can expect to see the LakeSmart boat on Lake of the Woods, stopping at docks and islands, throughout July and August, but look for that LakeSmart flag on smaller lakes, waterways and side roads as well.  Although the LakeSmart boat may not go into smaller lakes, the LakeSmart team will drive to many of them and are always open to hitching a ride around your lake to stop at docks, talk to members of your lake community or to participate in your event. We have already booked visits to a few smaller lakes and are planning to go dock-to-dock in the Morson area; add your lake or association to the schedule and contact us to book a date! Call us at (807) 468-8715 or email

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LakeSmart Sponsors & Funding

The LakeSmart boat, generously supplied by our lead sponsor, Woodlake Marine, is the key to the program and likely its most recognized feature. However, the LakeSmart program is only possible with the additional support of LOWDSA member donations to the Environmental Initiative and Special Projects (EISP) fund and other sponsors.

We continue to explore funding alternatives for coming years. Ongoing support from LOWDSA members and sponsors is key to our ability to deliver the LakeSmart program year after year. Please consider donating to the EISP fund to help meet our funding requirements for this effective program. For more information or to make a contribution contact Patrick