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In addition to the creation of special project committees when required, The Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association operates with four standing committees focused on areas of concern to our members, and to the ongoing development of the Association.


Membership Development and Communications Committee

The goal of this committee is to grow and maintain a strong, active and vibrant membership base by providing products and services that serve the varied needs of our members. That can mean developing a new event for a specific segment of our membership, or ensuring that our data collection provides us with the most up-to-date information relating to member demographics. LOWDSA is constantly working to raise the profile of the Association, partly as a function of membership development, but also to ensure our members are represented throughout the province when decisions are being made that affect their properties and their lake experience. The role of this committee is to ensure our message gets out in a timely and effective manner to the appropriate audiences; members, stakeholders, non-members and the community.


Finance Committee

The finance committee monitors the LOWDSA financial information, including budgets, financial statements and investment income, to ensure that we remain fiscally responsible and work within our means.


Environment Committee

This committee has a broad mandate encompassing three primary objectives:

  1. To educate our membership allowing them to make informed decisions minimizing the human impact on their properties and in their communities.
  2. To support research and mitigation efforts related to environmental issues affecting the Lake of the Woods District.
  3. To ensure that LOWDSA and its members are recognized as important stakeholders in relation to initiatives affecting the natural environment in the region.


Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee monitors government actions that may affect our members. As directed by the Board of Directors, the Committee will  represent LOWDSA on related outside committees, inform members on issues that may affect their property, and prepare responses to government on specific issues.


Get involved!

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