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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision & Mission


Lake of the Woods region remains one of the most beautiful places on earth for

present and future generations to enjoy.


Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association engages and educates for
environmental sustainability in the Lake of the Woods region.



Environmental Stewardship

WE BELIEVE… in maintaining a current understanding of best environmental practices through the experience and knowledge of our members and the counsel of experts.  We will share this information with our members and others, encouraging them to make decisions that will minimize the human impact, protect the environment and sustain the value.

Community Relations

WE BELIEVE… in sustaining a respectful and positive presence with government, business, and the larger community of the Lake of the Woods region to ensure that concerns and interests are considered in our policy and operational decisions. 


WE BELIEVE… that education, based on sound research, will lead to better decisions and practices by our members and the larger community of the Lake of the Woods region.


WE BELIEVE… that informed communication is important to further the goals of the Association and to educate and inform our members and the larger community of the Lake of the Woods region.


WE BELIEVE… in activities that will encourage membership involvement in Association activities. We will maintain a current and positive image of the Association amongst our membership and the larger community of the Lake of the Woods region.



Our Strategic Plan 

The video that follows includes LOWDSA's Strategic Plan. With this new and improved vision, mission, values & goals we hope to preserve the lakes for the present and future generations to enjoy.


Goals & Objectives

LOWDSA provides information and coordinates activities to preserve and enhance the environment of the Lake of the Woods region.

  • Educate and empower the community on environmental issues to increase awareness and inform sustainable action
  • Support and facilitate key partnerships in order to coordinate environmental efforts in the region and ensure community concerns are being heard
  • Deliver coordinated environmental programming that provides hands-on engagement opportunities and measurable environmental benefits


LOWDSA communicates and engages on issues impacting the region.

  • Communicate and share information on a wide range of matters in the region through publications of the Area News and social media
  • Engage on issues impacting the environment as decided by the board and staff through sound decision making processes and recommendations
  • Identify and connect members to information and resources, within and beyond LOWDSA through development and implementation of communication plan
  • Strengthen relationships and increase collaboration to address identified priorities






By setting operational priorities and measuring progress towards achieving them, we will be better able to bring our Mission, Vision and Values to life.

Fundamentally, it is all about reflecting the inclusivity of our Association and continuous improvement in the way we work. As we embrace the revised Mission, Vision and Values, we are pleased to build on your Association’s rich history, past successes, and its years of dedicated service to the current and next generation of property owners, visitors, lake users, and all of those who share our love of the lake.

Garth Collier,
LOWDSA President


In 2021, LOWDSA engaged members to participate in a survey to gather membership feedback and identify strategic priorities for the Association. As a direct result of your feedback, LOWDSA's Board of Directors and staff met with a professional strategic planner to define the Association's focus and strategic priorities for the upcoming years.


As we embrace this new chapter focused on stewardship and a shared passion for lake life, we hope to build on the past successes and implement change. We are inspired by our vision, excited to implement our strategic direction, and eager to bring to complete our deliverables!


Patrick Paulo, 
LOWDSA Executive Director