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 When you're a LOWDSA member you will access a wealth of information and answers to your questions on topics important to you. If you are looking for information on a particular topic, we have included website links below to various resources which to help you find the information you are looking for.

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Government  | Cities & Municipalities | Emergency & Important NumbersEnvironmental Agencies |  Environmental Issues | Invasive Species | Land & Water Safety  | Wildlife | Miscellaneous Taxation  Permits 

Emergency and Important Numbers

To Report a Forest Fire Ontario Wide–  Dial 310-FIRE (3473)  or 1-888-284-FIRE (3473)
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Non-emergency - 807-548-5534 or 1-888-310-1122
Ontario-wide Ambulance - 1-877-351-2345
Fire, Police and Ambulance City of Kenora including Keewatin, Jaffray Mellick (467, 468, 547, 548 telephone exchanges) and Pellatt/Laclu  - Dial 911
Outside of the City of Kenora Emergency numbers
Clearwater Bay/McKenzie Portage  - Fire 807-547-2400
Clearwater Bay/McKenzie Portage - Ambulance 807-468-3311
NEW  Pellatt/Laclu  - Fire, Polica & Ambulance 911 

Crime Stoppers - 1-800-222-8477
Lake of the Woods District Hospital - 807-468-9861
Poison Control - 1-800-268-9017
TeleHealth Ontario - 1-866-797-0000

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Environmental Issues

Blue Green Algae - Northwestern Health UnitLOWDSA, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change, Ontario Government, NWHU
Docks and Boathouses - MNRF, FOCA
Drinking Water - MOECC, NWHU
Healthy Waterfronts - LOWDSA, FOCA, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Watersheds Canada
Invasive Species - FOCA, OFAHOntario Invasive Plant Council,  Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program,  MNRF
Jack Pine  Budworm - MNRF Info Sheet, MNRF -A Safe Way to Control 
Learn how to obtain a Public Lands Act work permit and what activities require one for public land and shore lands - MNRF 
Microplastics - FOCA

Ontario Invasive Species -  Kids Corner 
Propane Tank Regulations - Ontario Government , EDPRO, Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA)
Protecting Lake of the Woods -  MOE Fact Sheet 
Responsible Garbage Disposal - MOE Fact Sheet
Septic Fields/Fields - LOWDSA,  NWHU, FOCA Video 
Water Levels - Lake of the Woods Control Board 

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Invasive Species

Emerald Ash Borer - Ontario Invading Species, Natural Resources Canada, Manitoba Government
Flowering Rush - Invasive Species Manitoba 
Grow Me Instead Program - Ontario Invasive Plant Council, LOWDSA, Northern Ontario Guide
Hybrid Cattails -  Invasive Species Council of Manitoba, Fact Sheet 
Invasive Species Found in Ontario - MNRF
Invasive Species Guide - FOCA
Ontario Invasive Species -  Kids Corner 
Phragmites - Fact Sheet 
Purple Loosestrife - LOWDSA, Ontario Invasive Plant Council, Ontario Beetles
Report Sighting of Invasive Species -  EDDMapS
Removal of Invasive Aquatic  Species - MNRF
Rusty Crayfish - Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program, MNRF
Spiny Water Fleas - Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program
Stop the Spread - FOCA, MNRF, OFAH
Zebra Mussels - LOWDSAOntario's Invading Species Awareness Program

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Land & Water Safety

Boat Equipment - Transport Canada 
Boat License - Canada Boating License, Ontario Boating LicenseBoater Exam, National Boating Safety School, Transport Canada 
Boating Safety - Canadian Coast GuardRed CrossCity of Kenora Boating Code, FOCA, OPPTransport Canada, MOE
Burning Rules and Regulations - MNRF, MOE
Emergency Management Ontario - Step 1: Make a Plan | Step 2: Build A Kit |  Step 3: Be Informed
Fire Safety - FOCAOntario Government, FireSmart Canada
Lake of the Woods and Area Spring Ice Conditions - Ice Patrol 
Highway information - Ontario 511, Manitoba 511 
Lifejackets and PDF'S - Canadian Red CrossCanadian Safe Boating CouncilTransport Canada

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Fish and Wildlife

Bear Wise - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Coyotes, Wolves and Foxes - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 
Feeding Wildlife Do's and Don'ts - Ministry of Natural Recourses and Forestry
Fish ON-Line - Learn how you can easily plan a fishing trip, check fishing rules, and catch and identify Ontario sport fish by using the Fish ON-Line tool - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 
Ontario Fishing Regulations 2020- Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 
Guide to Eating Ontario Fish - Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
People and Wildlife - LOWDSA
Wildlife and Nature - Ontario Government 

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Miscellaneous Resources and Agencies