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A Brief History of Area News



Clearwater Bay / Granite Lake Cottagers’ Association is created. Brydon & Ruby McCrea volunteer to produce a newsletter for members, communicating information regarding the ongoing school tax fight, local break-ins, and the struggle to increase membership.



At the AGM a new name is adopted and Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association is born. Membership expands geographically, and the newsletter communicated a broader range of information: navigation improvements, water levels, and condo developments in Clearwater Bay. 



Jack McKenzie takes over the newsletter publication, transforming it from a simple document to a small magazine. The new format allowed for the dissemination of more topics: the Clearwater Bay Restricted Area Order, timber harvesting, water levels, and taxation.


Gerry Wilson is hired as the first Executive Director of LOWDPOA. A new logo is developed and the annual Seedling Day was born. Gerry also dedicates an entire team to the task of managing and publishing the Area News.



Gerry and her team at Lake Country Publishing spend the next twenty years transforming the magazine into a 50+ page publication mailed to members five times each year. Topics cover everything of interest to area cottagers: how-to and education articles, personal stories, area history, important events and of course, relevant area news.



Wake Marketing Inc. is hired to take over the publishing of Area News. In addition to the printed magazine, digital copies are available to all members and connected to the LOWDPOA website. Online issues can be comfortably viewed on members’ tablets or smartphones. Yes.