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Name Change in 2019


LOWDPOA changes name, reflecting inclusivity and the association’s vision

Your association will close out 2018 as LOWDPOA and will ring in the New Year as LOWDSA, the Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association.

The path to this momentous announcement has been a long one with many stops along the way for consultation with members, and repeated, careful consideration by your directors. The LOWDPOA banner has been carried proudly by our members for over 56 years as evidenced by the association’s rich history and remarkable record of accomplishments. With this name change, that banner will still be carried high but will now be clearly aligned with the stated vision of the association—to preserve one of the most beautiful places on earth as a high quality environment for future generations to enjoy.

Over a year ago, at the 2017 LOWDPOA Annual General Meeting, the Board presented the idea of changing our name to better reflect the inclusivity of our association and the fact not just property owners have a vested interest in the sustainability of the Lake of the Woods district. The next generation of property owners, campers, boaters and all of those individuals and families also share our vision and love of the lake.

Canvassing Our Members

The idea was met with overwhelming support by those in attendance, which encouraged the LOWDPOA board to pursue a name change option. The importance of gathering member input to the idea of changing the name and what it should be changed to was paramount, and we provided every opportunity for members to participate in the discussion over the span of a year. Articles in the 2017 Summer, Fall and Winter issues of the Lake of the Woods Area News asked for members’ input. The winter issue also included a survey and link to an online survey. Information was also included in our eNews as well as information and a link to the survey posted on Facebook and Twitter. Beyond the articles and survey, your board and staff have also taken every opportunity to talk to members about their reaction to a name change and possible new name options.

Based on the responses to our survey over 78 per cent of members were in favour of a name change, an overwhelming endorsement to make the change. The next step was to determine what the new name would be.

What’s in a name?

It was important that the new name accomplish our ultimate objective—to demonstrate more inclusivity for the brand of our association and to ensure the mandate and mission were continued. We had to be able to register the name. We didn’t want to be confused with other associations. We needed to ensure we could obtain important brand and marketing elements like a good website URL, Facebook page, email addresses and finally, we wanted a name that was easier off the tongue and easier to remember than LOWDPOA or Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association.

The next critical step was to determine which of the short-listed names presented in the survey, as well as names submitted by members, fulfilled each of the criteria mentioned. Although this process took longer than we anticipated, we deemed it best to be thorough and diligent in our search at this stage. 

Decision Made

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on this discussion and provided your input, whether in conversation, by email or through the survey, the Board had a good understanding of the sentiments of many of the association’s members. This was factored heavily into the Board’s final decision, a decision that could not have been made without your input.

As of January 1, 2019 your association will be known as the Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association or LOWDSA in all aspects of its operation. We are pleased to unveil the new logo that will look very familiar with a name (and acronym) that are just a little easier to say—and a name that aligns so well with our vision, mission and mandate, and one that better reflects the inclusivity of our association and the fact there are many individuals and families beyond property owners who have a vested interest in the sustainability of the Lake of the Woods district.