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Board Members

Board Members

Executive Committee


  Garth Collier, Schnarr Lake
Past President Christine Semenchuk, Bigstone Bay
Treasurer Jeff Rempel, Pine Portage Bay
Assistant Treasurer Carley Fyke, Welcome Channel
Secretary  Jackie Lowe, Gun Club Island


Board Members

Adam Blake Corkscrew Island
Bob Stewart    Longbow Lake 
Carley Fyke Welcome Channel
Lucas King Woodchuck Bay 
Chelsea Lobson Kendall Inlet
Jackie Lowe Gun Club Island
Jeff Rempel Pine Portage Bay
Trevor Templeton Minaki

Barbara Manson                            

Lake of the Woods

Don Parfitt                          

Lake of the Woods
Garth Collier Schnarr Lake
Chris Semenchuk Bogstone Bay


The board of the Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association is made up of a committed group of volunteers from around the district and from all walks of life. Each brings a different viewpoint to the table allowing us to make well informed decisions in the course of both strategic and project management of the Association.