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LWCB Secretariat 2024.03.07 Level Forecast

LWCB Secretariat 2024.03.07 Level Forecast

A significant precipitation event hit the basin late Saturday March 2nd with the highest amounts of precipitation, in the form of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain, observed North of Atikokan. Precipitation continued through Monday March 4th with totals at Kenora of 6 cm and at Ear Falls of 7.7 cm. As temperatures fluctuated during the event some of this precipitation came in the form of rain, especially for the southern regions of the basin.

Precipitation Totals March 2nd

Precipitation Totals March 2nd and 3rd

The current level of Lake of the Woods is 322.48 m (1058.0 ft), a 45th percentile level, within the normal range for this time of year. The average lake level declined by 2 cm (0.5 in) over the last week and is expected to remain relatively stable, holding steady or declining 1 cm (0.5 in) over the next week. Lake of the Woods authorized outflow is 350 m3/s. Outflow reductions to 325 m3/s and 300 m3/s are scheduled for Friday March 8th and Monday March 11th respectively.

Each of these flow changes will cause the level of the Winnipeg River to decrease by approximately 5 cm (2 in) directly downstream of the Norman Dam and by 2 cm (0.5 in) above the Dalles. The level at Minaki will not be affected by these flow changes.

The current level of Lac Seul is 354.71 m (1163.75 ft), a 25th percentile level, which is below normal for this time of year. The lake level declined by 4 cm (1.5 in) over the past week and is expected to decline by 1 to 2 cm (0.5 in) over the next week. Lac Seul authorized outflow is 225 m3/s with an outflow decrease to 175 m3/s scheduled for Friday March 8th.

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 March 11, 2024