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CWRA Conference LakeSmart Dock Talk

Get LakeSmart at the CWRA Conference with LOWDSA! - Cancelled with regret

We had planned  on bringing LakeSmart dock talk from Lake of the Woods area docks to a workshop setting in Winnipeg on June 15, 2020 as part of the Canadian Water Resources Association national conference. Due to COVID-19 the conference was cancelled as were many other events at that time.

The plan was to hold two workshops open to the public, one in the afternoon and another in the evening with pricing set a level to encourage participants to bring a guest (for free!). All ticket proceeds were to go to LOWDSA’s Environmental Initiatives & Special Projects Fund.

Because we hope to hold these workshops in the future, we have included some info about them below. .

Interested in your own private dock talk? Contact our LakeSmart team here to book your virtual or in-person dock visit.


Like to know more about preventing the spread of invasive species at the lake? Questions about living green at the lake? Wondering what a healthy shoreline is and why it matters?  Then this workshop is for you.

These informative and interactive workshops will bring two dock talks to dry land in a workshop setting suitable for lake lovers of all ages, with a little extra youth focus added for the evening workshop. Format will be presentation with lots of opportunity for Q & A and idea sharing.

Every summer, LOWDSA’s LakeSmart team travels through the Lake of the Woods District, primarily by boat, visiting dock-to-dock and talking to cottage owners, campers, tourists, lodges and lake users. The team, two university students, have an impressive collection of resources and information to share on the fundamentals of living green at the lake - shoreline health, invasive species, septic system care, clean-drain-dry and more. Hundreds of questions are asked of and answered by the LakeSmart team each season. With each dock talk given, the team helps individuals learn how they can make a difference, protect and preserve our lakes and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Lake of the Woods watershed.