Official release from City of Kenora, March 24th, on Corona Virus.


Mayor Releases Statement of Circumstances

Mayor Reynard and Council are pleased to acknowledge that as of this morning there are no known COVID-19 cases in Kenora. We believe this is due to the great response we have observed from the citizens of Kenora, and their adherence to the protocols that have been put in place related to social distancing and self-isolation.

We appreciate citizens are concerned during these uncertain times, and we are all adapting rapidly as the information surrounding this virus and the various levels of government enact changes to help us reduce its spread. We are following the direction of the Northwestern Health Unit, as well as the Governments of Ontario and Canada, on protocols and necessary precautions. We encourage you to follow social media for important announcements and messages from these levels, and share with those who do not have internet access.

As leaders, we have had to make significant adaptations to adhere to these recommendations by closing public spaces and altering service delivery in some areas. The City remains committed to maintaining as much of our “normal” activities and services as we are able, for as long as we are able. Maintaining this continuity of service provides stability and a sense of normalcy to both the public and our staff, during these uncertain times. Notwithstanding, we ask that if you see staff on the street, for example, maintaining roads, sidewalks, or ensuring parking regulations are being followed, please ensure you are socially distancing yourself from these staff. We also ask that you appreciate that we are operating with reduced staff. As is normal for staff this time of year, many took vacations during March and this has resulted in numerous staff off on self-isolation. As such, we ask for your patience in regard to routine maintenance, such as potholes. Our staff are working hard to address these issues, but delays in service should be expected.

We are assured that there are no shortages in the supply chain of essentials such as toilet paper and other commodities. Restocking the shelves has been a challenge due to the quantities being purchased, so please ensure when you are shopping you are purchasing only those items you need. There is no reason to over purchase or “stock up” on items. Doing so is not only unnecessary it is socially amoral, creating unnecessary concern amongst your fellow shoppers.

Please ensure you are reaching out to loved ones and neighbours via phone or social media, over the coming days and weeks to ensure they are doing well. If you are not required to self-isolate please consider assisting those who are, by offering to shop for them. This is particularly true for seniors in your community. It is time for our community to truly do everything they can to put a stop to this virus. Do your part by staying home whenever possible, and if you must leave for work or have urgent needs, please practice social distancing of 2 meters or more, and personal protection wherever you are. We are all in this together and effort from each citizen will go a long way to slowing and stopping the spread.

We will provide further updates as information and substantive changes occur. In the interim, Council and I want to thank each of you for your calm and measured approach to this situation, as we all adapt and comply with the changes that are occurring.

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Justin Trudeau

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier of Ontario and Minister of Health

Northwestern Health Unit

Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

World Health Organization