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Kenora Forest Management Plan: Stage Four

Kenora Forest Management Plan: Stage Four

Kenora Forest: Stage Four, Final Planning Review 

  • Consultations begins on June 2, 2021 for 30 day advance notice 
  • Draft plan will then be finalized
  • Issue resolution process will be available through the regional director

Many cottage groups have been able to successfully negotiate changes in the proposed plan in specific areas. The following are examples where changes have been successfully negotiated by stakeholders in discussions with the MNRF:

  • Contingency blocks (added or changed based on area specifications)
  • Access concerns, including how and where equipment accesses harvest zones
  • Reduced visibility of harvest from road and private property
  • Timing restrictions to mitigate noise and safety concerns (winter or offseason) 
  • Replanting for species diversification
  • Access road decommissioning (removing culverts, crossings, replanting
  • Identification/protection of important ecological/cultural areas


From the MNRF: 

Please see attached our 30-day advance notice for ‘Stage Four’ Review of Draft Forest Management Plan (FMP).

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), Miisun Integrated Resource Management Co. (Miisun) and the Kenora Local Citizens’ Advisory Committee (LCAC) invite you to review and comment on the 2022 – 2032 Draft Forest Management Plan (FMP) for the Kenora Forest. This ‘Stage Four’notice is to invite you to:

  • Review and comment on the draft FMP; and contribute to the background information.


Comments from the public will be considered in revisions to the draft FMP.

How to Get Involved

The Draft FMP, including supplementary documentation, the Draft FMP summary and the current versions of the information and maps which were previously accessible will be available electronically on the Natural Resources Information Portal (NRIP) at and can be made available by contacting the Miisun Integrated Resource Management Co. (Miisun), contact listed below, during normal office hours for a period of 60 days: July 5, 2021 - September 3, 2021. 

Comments on the Draft FMP for the Kenora Forest must be received by Kyle Myschowoda of the planning team, by September 3, 2021. The Information Forum related to the review of the Draft Forest Management Plan will be held via individual or group remote meetings which may be arranged by calling the individuals listed below during the review period. Remote meetings with representatives of the planning team and the LCAC can also be requested at any time during the planning process. Reasonable opportunities to remotely meet planning team members during non-business hours will be provided upon request. If you require more information or wish to discuss your interests with a planning team member, please contact one of the individuals listed below:


Kyle Myschowoda, R.P.F.                        Kurt Pochailo, R.P.F.

MNRF Kenora District Office                      Miisun Integrated Resource Management Co.

808 Robertson                                            Street 510 Ninth Street

Kenora, ON P9N 3X9                                 Kenora ON, P9N 2S8

tel: 807-456-2697                                       tel: 807-467-3351

email:        email:

Dean Caron

c/o MNRF Kenora District Office

808 Robertson

Kenora, ON P9N 3X9



During the planning process there is an opportunity to make a written request to seek resolution of issues with the MNRF District Manager or the Regional Director using a process described in the 2020 FMPM (Part A, Section 2.4.1). The last possible date to seek issue resolution with the MNRF Regional Director is September 18, 2021.


Stay Involved

Stage Five - Inspection of the MNRF-approved FMP. The MNRF approved FMP and the FMP summary will be available for inspection for the 10-year duration of the FMP. The approval date of the FMP is tentatively scheduled for November 15, 2021.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is collecting your personal information and comments under the authority provided by the Forest Management Planning Manual, 2020 approved by regulation under Section 68 of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act, 1994. Any personal information you provide (home and/or email address, name, telephone number, etc.) may be used and shared between MNRF and/or the sustainable forest licensee to contact you regarding comments submitted. Your comments will become part of the public consultation process and may be shared with the general public. Your personal information may also be used by the MNRF to send you further information related to this forest management planning exercise. If you have questions about the use of your personal information, please contact Shannon Diehl, District Business Co-ordinator, MNRF, at 807-468-2538 or