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COVID-19 Regulations Update

COVID-19 regulations, restrictions  and recommendations continue to change, and it's hard to keep up with the latest provincial and federal updates. As we have over the past months we continue to recommend the official websites as your best source for latest and accurate info. Most of the inquiries we receive from members are related to the recent updates specific to inter-provincial and international travel for Ontario,Manitoba and Canada. The websites hosted by the Province of Manitoba, the Province of Ontario, the Northwestern Health Unit and the government of Canada for all matters related to COVID-19 are extensive and we have included links to each of them here.

For official and current info federally click here   

If you're looking for the official and current info in Manitoba go to
or or

If you're looking for the official and current info in Ontario go to and

You'll also find many clips online from press conferences with Premier Ford and Premier Pallister delivering updates in