All Nations Hospital Project (ANH) - Public Engagement Sessions & Site Selection

All Nations Hospital Project - Public Engagement Sessions & Site Selection

 An All Nations Hospital Project (ANH) media release on June 26, 2020 included an update on potential locations for the new All Nations hospital. Three sites have been shortlisted as potential locations. One of these is the  current site as required by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  The other two potential site locations have not been released yet. All these sites will be scored using a detailed evaluation tool which considers size, serviceability, access, constructability, availability, cost, natural and land based healing attributes. 

The All Nations Project team invites and encourages the public to weigh-in on site priorities and to share your thoughts on the new hospital. You can join the virtual public engagement sessions online or by phone. The following events are currently scheduled: 

  • July 10th 12:00 noon: Kenora Public Session (virtual) 
  • July 14th 10:00 am: Summer Residents Session (virtual) 
  • July 15th 12:00 noon: CMHA Session (virtual) 
  • July 15th 7:00 pm: Kenora Public Session (virtual) 
  • July 21st 12:00 noon: Minaki Public Session (virtual) 
  • July 23rd 8:00 am: Kenora Public Session (virtual) 
  • July 28th 12:00 noon: Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Public Session (virtual) 

These engagement events will include a detailed project update. 

The media release notes that the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation will be engaging summer residents to participate in the site selection exchange. There are a number of summer events planned for surrounding First Nation communities, which will enable engagement of these residents. Engagement opportunities will  occur, where possible, in conjunction with KCA hosted BBQ’s in communities, and these are currently being scheduled. 

For regular event updates and details on how to join any session, please follow the Lake of the Woods District Hospital on Facebook and check the All Nations Hospital Project website regularly: